Java First Project – Hello World

Java Hello World Project Here, We create our first java project – Hello World project in which we only just execute messege “Hello World” using system.out.println method. Program package com.aonetips;public class Main { public static void main(String[] args) { // write your code here System.out.println(“Hello World”); }} Result : Hello World

Java Comments

Comments In Java Here, there are two types of comments in java. 1. Single line comments. 2. Multi-line comments. // This is a single line comments. /* This is a multi-line comments. */ Comments text ignored by compilers comments are used for written notes information of and coding for self use and developers. Comments are …

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Introduction To Java

Java Introduction And History Java Definition                                                                     Java is a one type of programming language. It is object-oriented programming language. Object – Oriented Programming : In Short It is Called “OOPs” Object : means a real-world objects such that a mouse, computer, mobile, coat, tube-light, bulb, etc.  Object-Oriented Programming : one type of developed methodology to design a program …

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