1. Introduction To Java

1. Java Introduction And History

Java Definition                                                                    

Java is a one type of programming language. It is object-oriented programming language.

Object – Oriented Programming : In Short It is Called “OOPs”

Object : means a real-world objects such that a mouse, computer, mobile, coat, tube-light, bulb, etc. 

Object-Oriented Programming : one type of developed methodology to design a program using classes and objects.

Java is very similar to C++ and It was designed as some advantages that C++ did not. 

                    Steam Engine                                                                                   Diesel Engine

It is like developed Diesel Engine which is more advanced and it has more advantage than Steam Engine.

Java was developed by Sun Microsystems in 1995 by James Gosling who is the father of Java Programming Language. When Java created by Sun Microsystems it was named Oak. But Oak was already existing company that time. Therefore, James Gosling and his team converted name it Oak to Java.

It is one saying that the JAVA name occurred by the Green Team who had did hard work to develop java.

James Gosling,

Arthur Van Hoff

Andy Bechtolsheim

From The initial alphabet of the Green Team, It was named J A V A.

Also java logo was inspired from their love of coffee.

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